Vintage Midwest Gallery
This gallery is a place to step back in time to the vintage and glory days of monster trucks. Long time fans have went in search of some great old school pictures and have sent them to MidwestMonsters for everyone to marvel at. If you would like to contribute to the Vintage Midwest Gallery, shoot me an e-mail anytime!

*3/01/08: 16 photos from Pony Express owner/driver Tommy Bryant!!*

Vintage Pony Express & competitors

Pony Express vs. Krimson Krusher, Texarkana, AR, 9/19/87

Pony Express vs. No Problem, Lufkin, TX, 9/26/87

Pony Express vs. Crimson Giant, Lufkin, TX, 9/26/87

Tallahassee, FL, 10/24/86


Monroe, LA, 11/15/86

Hercules vs. Master of Disaster, Columbia, MO, 5/15/88

Allentown, PA, 7/26/87

Pony Express vs. Casper, Ashville, NC, 3/5/88
Casper wins with a 5.64 to Pony's 5.98

At The Shop

Above: 1986

Unknown location

Classic photos from former Bigfoot driver
(and multiple other trucks), Gene Patterson:

Due to the recent high market value for vintage monster truck prints, these images have been watermarked to protect Gene's property. I greatly appreciate Gene allowing these photos to be published on the site

The original body of Mad Dog 1 sits on the ground after being removed from the truck. The Mad Dog 1 chassis was rebuilt to created Mad Dog 2, seen below in its temporary gray body before the yellow Blazer came along.

Jon Breen was a frequent guest at a bar in Fayetteville, AR, but not to drink beer; to crush cars! Breen would pull Mad Dog 2 inside the building, which was a converted Chevy dealer, and crush a car right in the middle of the bar!

Jon Breen took Mad Dog III down to a harbor in Cleveland, OH prior to that night's TNT race to see if it would float.   It did!

Pablo Huffaker driving King Krunch tears up the wheels after jumping an estimated 25-30 feet off the hill!

Grave Digger 1 and "Little Digger" at the first ever monster truck race recorded for American Sports Cavalcade on TNN outside the Houston Astrodome.

Bigfoot #1 at one of its first paid car crushes in Jefferson City, MO as Capital Speedway. Mad Dog 1 was also there that night, but did not crush cars.

Gene Patterson's famous out of control smash into a shed at the Union Grove, WI 4-Wheel Jamboree!

Hawaii, year and location unknown

Bigfoot Shop, St. Louis, MO 1991

Kansas Coliseum various years

81 Speedway in Witchita Kansas, 1992 and unknown

Hutchinson, Kansas, 1988 and various years


Allentown, PA  Allentown Fairounds
1984, 1986

(Year unknown in this one. Same event as shown on WheelPower television show,
could be '87 or '88)


(Mad Dog II and All-American raced down the cars and back while a mud bogger raced them both ways in the mud! Possibly first ever three wide racing!)


(Again, another instance of a monster racing a mud truck.)

(Bigfoot 12 at a display in Allentown, year unknown. Notice how the hauler was once painted with the same color too before being updated to the Bigfoot 15 scheme.)

Kansas City Kemper Arena 1989

The last truck is Ram Tuff! Thanks to Elliott Miller and Scott Bryant.

St. Louis Arena 1990

St. Louis Arena 1992

Tri-City Speedway, Granite City Illinois, 1993

A few various displays & debuts from years past

Bigfoot 4, Bigfoot 10 debut and Guy Wood's new chassis debut. USA-1 doing a True Value location car crush and a Keystone Kruncher car crush.

Forth Smith Arkansas, various years

Albany, NewYork, 1990

Albany, NewYork, 1991

Lebanon Valley, 1990

Ebensburg, 1992&1993

Pittsburgh, 1991

Bigfoot vs. Excaliber, 1988

Last picture is of current CFP owner Ed Beckley doing one of his famous motorcycle jumps.

Bedford PA, 1990-1991

Magazine photos from eBay

Melbourne, Australia 1997

More to come?  You'll have to wait and see :-)  Thanks to Gene Patterson, Tommy Bryant, Doug Welker, Kaedon Berry, Matt Looker, Brian Varmecky, Daniel Clark, Daniel Haver, James Benetzky and Ryan Seddon once again for giving us a trip down memory lane!