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File Type(s)

Pic0043.JPG (4571 bytes)

Iron Warrior donuts Valpo 1,Aug.2000

WM        REAL

Pic0023.JPG (7870 bytes)

Boogey Van hits and soft spot and.....whoops! Valpo 1,Aug.2000

WM        REAL

Pic0039.JPG (5878 bytes)

Brian Womack grabs some big air in Bearfoot Valpo 1,Aug.2000

WM       REAL

Pic0618.JPG (7866 bytes)

Huge pogo in Wild Thang by rookie driver Jesse Bass Valpo 2,July2001

WM      REAL

Pic0626.JPG (5115 bytes)

Rampage takes a major nose dive Valpo 2,July2001

WM       REAL

pic0588.jpg (3790 bytes)

Monster Patrol vs. Wild Thang--A great race in which Jesse Bass gets screwed on the call Valpo 2,July2001

WM       REAL

Pic0596.JPG (3515 bytes)

Bearfoot and Monster Patrol Finals and Freestyle finale that is well worth the download Valpo 2,July2001

WM        REAL

pic0600.jpg (5193 bytes)

Bobby Zee stands Overkill on end and breaks the rear tie-rod Valpo 2,July2001

WM        REAL

Pic0714.JPG (4510 bytes)

Backdraft battles Bigfoot on the extremely nasty, slick J-drag Valpo 3,Aug.2001

WM        REAL

Pic0707.JPG (7024 bytes)

Bobby Zee launches Overkill in reverse Valpo 3,Aug.2001

WM        REAL

Pic0716.JPG (4121 bytes)

Backdraft, Bounty Hunter, and Rampage all take advantage of the mud and pull some awesome donuts. Valpo 3,Aug.2001 WM        REAL

Pic1329.JPG (4073 bytes)

Rampage vs. Taurus in a great side-by-side battle Valpo 4,July2002

WM        REAL

Pic1296.JPG (5442 bytes)

Amber Walker tears up the track in Boogey Van with a big pogo and slap wheelie Valpo 4,July2002

WM       REAL

1361.jpg (4186 bytes)

Quick clip from Boogey Van and Chicago Outlaw's dual freestyle run Valpo 5,Aug.2003 WM       REAL

1362.jpg (6285 bytes)

One of the best races of the year as Ozz Monster and Frankenstein battle on the tricky U-turn track Valpo 5,Aug.2003 WM       REAL

valpovids1.jpg (65645 bytes)

Nemesis3 vs. Demon in Qualifying as Bob Shae tackles his first turning course ever

Valpo 6, July 2005 WM        REAL

valpovids2.jpg (51575 bytes)

Nemesis3 vs. Monster Patrol in Round 2: Will Shae's luck continue? Valpo 6, July 2005 WM         REAL

valpovids3.jpg (77998 bytes)

Freestyle highlights from nearly every truck in attendance. Big air, slap wheelies and donuts! Valpo 6, July 2005 WM         REAL

mpvalpo.jpg (172614 bytes)

Kirk Dabney in Monster Patrol is the only driver to really attack the slippery track and the results are messy. Valpo 7, July 2006 WM         REAL