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Picture Preview Name/Description Event File Type(s)

Pic0664.JPG (5275 bytes)

Pure Adrenaline Freestyle highlights

Crown Point, IN 2001


pic0667.jpg (3896 bytes)

Rookie driver Dale Mitchell in Iceman puts Samson in a deep freeze Crown Point, IN 2001

WM      REAL

Pic0661.JPG (4385 bytes)

Future teamates do battle as Executioner takes on Iceman in the finals Crown Point, IN 2001

  WM      REAL

Pic1246.JPG (6790 bytes)

Chicago Outlaw clears 'em all with ease Grayslake, IL 2002

WM      REAL

Pic0638.JPG (5475 bytes)

Side-by-side flat drag with Bad News Travels Fast and Prowler...too close to call Jackson, MI 2001

WM      REAL

28.jpg (4180 bytes)

Chicago-style finals between RAMinator and Scarlet Bandit. Who won?! Joliet, IL 2002 WM      REAL

21.jpg (4420 bytes)

This is the race of year in 2002 from all the events I saw as RAMinator battles Tropical Thunder on the J-drag Joliet, IL 2002 WM      REAL

96.jpg (3501 bytes)

Scarlet Bandit pulls some wicked donuts at Route 66 Joliet, IL 2002

WM      REAL

Pic1346.JPG (3705 bytes)

Backdraft vs. Bigfoot, the finals in Monroe Monroe, MI 2002


Pict0290.JPG (4743 bytes)

Sudden Impact and Monster Patrol get just a little too close in the turn Wildwood, NJ 2000

 WM     REAL

Pic1182.JPG (4626 bytes)

Bennett Clark pogo's Taurus way up Pecatonica, IL 2002

WM      REAL

Pic1157.JPG (7180 bytes)

Big Dawg freestyle hightlights Pecatonica, IL 2002

WM      REAL

741.jpg (10857 bytes)

I drive Bigfoot 8! Springfield, MO 2003

WM      REAL

859.jpg (10056 bytes)

A police car bites back at Avenger Farmington, MO 2003


864.jpg (5666 bytes)

Another classic! Tropical Thunder vs. RAMinator with a wild ending. Farmington, MO 2003


916.jpg (6563 bytes)

Charlie Pauken in Grave Digger pulls a crazy set of donuts Farmington, MO 2003

WM      REAL

953.jpg (8129 bytes)

Mark Hall makes the ground shake as RAMinator hits a jump full force and takes a rough landing Farmington, MO 2003


1106.jpg (7450 bytes)

Bigfoot and Webslinger do battle as the rain pours down at the Kane County Fair St. Charles, IL

WM       REAL

1168.jpg (6878 bytes)

Chris Bergeron was the first truck in freestyle...and he set the bar HIGH! Monroe, MI

WM       REAL

1171.jpg (6940 bytes)

Eric Tack in Bigfoot changes his game from Wheelies to lots of donuts Monroe, MI

WM      REAL

1170.jpg (5867 bytes)

Bigfoot vs. RAMinator, that says it all Monroe, MI

WM      REAL

1350.jpg (6005 bytes)

RAM vs. RAM, who will reign supreme for TeamRAM? Crown Point, IN 2003


1448.jpg (5651 bytes)

Dual power wheelies from Jason Witte in Wild Hair Washington, MO 2003

WM       REAL

1450.jpg (6106 bytes)

Massive reverse jumps by Kirk Dabney in Monster Patrol Washington, MO 2003


1451.jpg (7622 bytes)

Big wheelstand and nose dive by Larry Swim in Scorpian King Washington, MO 2003

WM      REAL

1570.jpg (4306 bytes)

RAMmunition vs. Scorpian King on one of trickiest tracks ever Joliet, IL 2003

WM      REAL

1569.jpg (6717 bytes)

Don Frankish leaves his mark in the US with the two biggest jumps on the pyramid Joliet, IL 2003

WM      REAL

1568.jpg (4796 bytes)

Linsey Weenk pulls a huge sky wheelie with a nice save off the cars Joliet, IL 2003

WM      REAL

761.jpg (18198 bytes)

Michael Harper lights up the Springfield Jambo with this out of control, tire smokin' donut Springfield, MO 2003

WM      REAL

Img_1089.jpg (23384 bytes)

Mark Hall in RAMinator leaps up, off and over everything in sight. 2-day freestyle highlights. HUGE FILE SIZE!! Topeka, KS 2004

WM       REAL

avenger66.jpg (25965 bytes)

Jim Koehler reaches new, mind boggling heights in Avenger. Complete Freestyle run!

Joliet, IL 2004

WM       REAL

wildhair66.jpg (26440 bytes)

No rear wheel drive? No problem for Jason Witte as he puts his foot down and launches off everything

Joliet, IL 2004

WM       REAL

ramroll.jpg (8388 bytes)

History made at Route 66 as RAMinator ends up on it's lid for the first time ever

Joliet, IL 2004

WM       REAL

66round1.jpg (130512 bytes)

T-Maxx vs. Raminator:  Best race of the night on the tricky Figure-8 track

Joliet, IL 2005

WM         REAL

66finals.jpg (129384 bytes)

Stars & Stripes vs. Rammunition: The Finals of the Figure-8

Joliet, IL 2005

WM         REAL

raminatorwheelie.jpg (38570 bytes)

Mark Hall steals the freestyle show with a huge slap wheelie and a dirt throwing set of donuts

Joliet, IL 2005

WM          REAL