July 31st, 2004

Who could stop the Locomotives? The answer: nearly no one! After the first two rounds of the 2004 Team Demolition Derby Tournament of Destruction, The Locomotives had a commanding lead in the points thanks to back-to-back victories in May and June. If the Locos were to escape the third event  with a victory, they would clinch the Championship even before the fourth and final event. The largest crowd of the year jammed Route 66 and SPEED Channel cameras were rolling to see if anyone was up to the task or if the Locomotives would roll to yet another points title.

Before the action kicked off, TDA owner and event announcer, Jan Gabriel, interviewed the first inductees to the Team Demo Hall of Fame. These are the guys that ran Team Demo way before Route 66 was around back at Santa Fe Speedway and beyond. Several of these men would suit up for one last smash in the Legends Race in between rounds at the July event.

The teams rolled out for intros followed by the National Anthem sung by Amanda Gabriel.

First round pairings saw crowd favorite Stranglehold beat up on Damage Inc. in the opening race.

Road Rage shot down Orange Crush in an extremely hard hitting match leaving cars twisted all over the track.

Team Xtreme captured their first race victory EVER in a thrilling battle against Havoc.

The Junkyard Dogs had the first chance to stop the Locomotives but were unsuccessful.

Havoc bounced back from their loss and took the victory in the Consolation round against Damage Inc. and Orange Crush members.

Round 2 matched up the powerhouse teams of Stranglehold and Road Rage. Stranglehold came out firing and looked to be in control, but Road Rage mounted an offense and regained control and took the win.

Team Xtreme had no time to celebrate their first win as they were stomped by the Locomotives.

The Legends Demo was next with a full field of 8 cars on the track. The race started fast and then thinned out as no one was really laying in big hits. A few cars died out and drivers seemed more intent on gaining laps than giving out the hits. One of the hard-hitting moments was between the 7777 car and 33 car. They had a vicious head-on impact and then were stuck together! They battled in a push and pull tug-of-war trying to get unhooked. The 3333 car was the victor in the race, while 7777 went up in smoke.

The finals arrived and you couldn't ask for a better one as Road Rage took on The Locomotives. Road Rage foiled the Locos plan in the beginning and looked to be in control. But then a Road Rage car basically committed team suicide as the driver missed what would've been a huge hit and instead ran up on top of boundary tires and was stuck! The Locos took that 4 on 3 advantage and never looked back as they pounded away at Road Rage to secure their third win in a row and the 2004 National Championship!

The Locos may have captured the title, but there was one monstrous show to go and that was the Team Demolition Derby National Finals double thrill show in August. A complete coverage of all the trials, tribulations, agony, chaos and destruction is only a click away!!

Team Demo Finals!