The 2004 Team Demolition Derby Tournament of Destruction has been a hard hitting and action packed affair thus far and with the points chase down to two events, it's time to look back at some of the smashing and bashing that has led up to the third of four events on July 31st.
Last year's National Champions, Junkyard Dogs are in a 3-way tie for second place along with Havoc and the 2003 World Champion's Road Rage. They are all 12 points behind the winner's of both events so far this year and the former 3-time Champions, the Locomotives. The heavy hitting Locomotives have been flat out unstoppable in almost every race and have had only one or two real struggles to try and win a round. Barring some complete blowout in the next two races, the Locomotives will be in line for a 4th National Championship. Check out the pictures and see how they've gone undefeated so far.
The photos below are split up into the May race and the June race. Not many shots for June as I wasn't using my camera for most of the time and do not have more than a few pictures because of it.

Race #1 May 29th, 2004

That would be the result of a 40+mph head on impact about 10 feet in front of me. And you thought I was nuts with monster trucks!

The Lil' Red Beer Hauler jet truck was also at the first event to burn down a car in between rounds.

Members of the winning Locomotives!

Race #2 June 26th, 2004

Nothing like having demo cars come screaming towards the concrete barriers and be only 2 feet on the other side. That's right where I was when those two Road Rage cars smacked the wall head-on and knocked the barriers right at me. Thankfully they are all held inline by thick steel cables.

An all women demolition derby was also held and it was run "county fair" style, not a race situation like Team Demolition. One car was painted up like the old Mean Green Machine team who won numerous team demo championships.

The third Team Demolition Derby event is July 31st at Route 66 Raceway and included in that will be a Legends Demo. Past champions will be back to get behind the wheel and smash it up once again.

Then on August 28th is the final race of the year to crown the National Champions. Will the Locomotives already have wrapped it up or will it be a fight to the finish? It will be a double length show to include motorcycle stunts, jet truck and MONSTER TRUCKS! For more information visit the Team Demolition Derby website or get a hold of me for details on the races. I will have more photos from the next event and a complete coverage of the National Championship later in the year.  Thanks for stopping by!