1st Annual Route 66
Masters of Disaster

August 5, 2006

Bearfoot, driven by James Tigue II, defeated brother Wayne in Amsoil's Shock Therapy during the car tug-o-war. Both drivers went on to perform a short freestyle exhibition, but James' did not go so smoothly as he rolled Bearfoot after a donut attempt. The rear steering was broken and James did not find that out until well after he was on his lid.

"The human sacrifice" Steve Scarboro easily won the Figure-8 bomber battle.

Elmer Fandery picked up the circle track School bus race victory.

The Human Bomb lit up the night sky with a huge explosion and escaped from the burning car while on fire.

The Figure-8 bus race was a wild affair and in the midst of all the chaos I was not aware of who actually won. If you happen to know, shoot me an email, thanks!

Fred Sibley made his second Route 66 appearance of the year and melted down another deceased auto.

The first ever trailer race at Route 66 was a huge hit for the fans and there were even bigger hits on the track. Several wild wrecks left cars, trucks and trailer items strewn everywhere. The #3 Ford Bronco representing the Junk Yard Dogs team demolition derby team picked up the win after holding off the #01 truck and#72 car.

The overwhelming success of the first ever Masters of Disaster event has already resulted in the tentative scheduling of two additional thrill nights at Route 66 during the summer of 2007! If and when they become a reality, you know it will be covered here on MidwestMonsters.com Thanks for viewing the photos!

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